Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What would you do?

All right- For the last 2 nights we seem to be entering a bad pattern and things have been getting worse over the last few weeks. Will is waking up at night very hungry, or at least wanting to suck back to sleep on a bottle, but I think he is hungry. His day goes like this:
5am- Bottle
anywhere from 6-8:30 up for the day- offered bottle- usually drinks 4 oz
Cereal and Yogurt at 9
Nap at around 9:30- unless he woke up late- goes to sleep on his own
Sleeps anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours
Wakes up,plays and eats lunch at 12- 6 oz baby food and cereal
Offered bottle at around 1- drinks 6 oz
Plays for a while then about 2:30 or 3 goes down for a nap
Wakes up around 4:30 then has a bottle- 6oz
Eats dinner around 6- 8oz of baby food and cereal
7:30 Tubby Time, Jammies
8pm- Bottle in Rocker with Jason- 6 oz
Now the fun begins- he has been waking between midnight - two am and eating again.
Am I missing something? I don't mind the 5 am, it makes sense, but the 1 am kills us. I tried letting him cry but he just gets more and more furious and since we live in an apartment I hate to do that. What options do I have? Do I need a more rigid schedule? I have tried just holding him back to sleep but it takes forever or it doesn't work, he will either keep crying or wake up in 1 hour crying again! Any advice is greatly appreciated. I don't want to encourage this night feeding, it will rot his cute little teeth!


Julie said...

How about cereal at bedtime, oatmeal is good for insomniac grown ups, maybe it will work with Will.

Kelly and Jason said...

Yeah, but his dinner and bedtime are only about 2 hours apart. He stuffs himself at dinner. I think he is waking out of habit mostly.

Little Blessings said...

You could always try a diluted bottle. Super weak formula and easing it to just plain water. I have heard that sometimes they wake up out of habit for the nourishment but then get aggravated and give it up when it finally gets to just water. Lucy is periodically doing the same wake up thing. For her it is teething. She just feels icky and needs me to go back to sleep.

Kelly and Jason said...

It may be teething...Is there a timeline on teeth? He's had the bottom ones for a while now, will the top ones come in soon?

Little Blessings said...

Possibly. You never know with teeth. And some of the teeth my kids have gotten show no other signs than irritability in the middle of the night.It is one of those things, when in doubt blame everything on teething. At least until they all come in :)