Friday, August 29, 2014

Our State Fair...

Cotton candy- with NO bag! 

Baby piggy in the birthing barn- There was a calf being born just a few feet away from us!  Poor cow.

Look how much older Will looks with his new teeth...

Charlie was thrilled being up so high in the sky! 

Concentrating hard to win a big prize! 

Charlie got a platypus and William got this horrific horn.  It is now outside only. 

Will was big enough to go on the bungee trampolines, they were so much fun! 


The Giant Slide.  Enough said.

Charlie immediately wanted to go again! 

The Red Baron..

and his tail gunner..

A royal little wave...

These boats were really fun, and the longest ride they were allowed! 

Charlie was cruisin for chicks...
The final ride of the night...

Now that we have been here a whole year, we decided the time had come to see the Minnesota State Fair.  
All in all, I am glad we went.  My wallet however isn't.  It was EXPENSIVE.  Like crazy, crazy expensive.  The fun to money ratio wasn't there.  It was very crowded and not well organized.  The food was way over priced and not that good.  The cheese curds were very greasy, I've had better at Culver's (local chain), the corn on the cob was $4!!  For an ear of steamed corn.  It was out of control.  The part that shocked me most was that there was no wristband option for the rides.  Everything was by the ticket and the tickets weren't cheap.  I can't even tell you how much because I don't want future generations to know I wasted so much money.  ( :   The kids had a ball though, and you can't really put a price on that...until you add it up after.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Day Out With Thomas...or Get the Heck Away From Me!

This was Charlie's reaction to seeing Thomas.  Not what we expected at all!  He reacted this way every time we went near the engine! 

He was much happier to go play in the sand and building areas...

Will loved the inflatables...

And he was willing to pose next to Thomas for a picture!

We thought buying Charlie some new train cars would cheer him up.  Alas, we were wrong.

Both kids loved the short trolley ride.  It was a cute car from the 1920's that ran in Minneapolis for a long time. 

We saw Thomas coming our way while we were on the trolley.  Charlie was unimpressed. 

Mommy and Charlie ridin' the rails...

This is as close to Sir Topham Hat as Charlie was willing to least he is smiling though! 

Good bye Thomas.  We will not be seeing you again any time soon! 

A person's a person, no matter how small...

I didn't feel right.  I didn't feel sick.  I didn't feel as tired.  I asked for an ultrasound, just to be sure.  The moment I saw the screen, I knew.  No flickering little light.  My little gummy bear was no longer.  The pain has been deep.  Willliam is old enough to get it.  Thankfully, Charlie isn't.  I am so grateful that my marriage is strong, and all these trials just draw us closer.  Thank God for Jason.
All the plans that were changed now have to be changed back.  It's so depressing.  The equipment will be given away to someone who needs it.  I recycled the baby name book.  The crib isn't needed now.  The car seats don't have to be rearranged.  I won't be shopping for maternity clothes, or little tiny sleepers.  If Charlie ever gets potty trained, I can get rid of the diapers.  We aren't doing this again.  We have been talking about it together, and talking some more.  We have decided to stop.  We would have happily made all these changes for this baby.  But, with the two boys we have, and the life we desire, we have decided to be done.  We can always adopt later if we change our minds.  I have no desire to go through this again.  I don't do pregnancy well, and this experience just seems to prove it.  There are women who are lucky enough to breeze through, but I am not one of them.  Bedrest and these two boys don't mix, and with pre-eclampsia starting last time, I am at a higher risk with each one, so risking myself for a child who doesn't exist doesn't make sense.  I would have happily laid my life on the line for THIS child, but a future baby doesn't seem to be part of the great plan.  I have been blessed with the best of husbands, and I have two healthy, happy boys.  I have to be content with that.  As for my Angel Baby, I hope he is waiting in Heaven for me, and I will look forward to meeting him there....