Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Angel Princess Fairy!

Home from the HospitalFeeding Baby William

Laura Marie Simmons turns 3 today! Happy Happy Birthday Laura! We love you and miss you lots and lots. William wishes he could be there today to drool on a piece of your cake and rip your wrapping paper after you open your presents. Auntie Kelly and Uncle Jason wish they could be there too, but we wouldn't drool. We hope you like your present and that you get lots of new fun stuff to play with! We couldn't ask for a nicer 3 year old niece! (Have to be careful since we have 2 nieces!)

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Simmons Family said...

Thank you Auntie Kelly, Uncle Jason and Will. I had a great day. Mom wil post some pictures later when she has an extra minute.
Love Laura