Saturday, September 29, 2007


I am now officially never "alone". At 2 am on Thursday night I felt a little kick, and then another. Very weird. Since then it has been kicking very frequently. I am trying to let go of my fears about miscarriage now. I am basically at a less than 1 percent risk now. I am excited for our 20 week ultrasound. Tomorrow is Alessandra's 2nd birthday party, so I am making her a poke cake today. I will post pics on Monday when I post about the triple marker results.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

16 weeks and counting.......

We had our 16 week appointment today. They had so much trouble finding the heartbeat last time, and this time it was there right away. It was going at 150 beats per minute. They also drew the blood for the triple screen today. I will have those results by next monday. I had lost 1 more pound, so that wasn't too bad. I am getting ketones in my urine. I asked the Dr and he said that is a sign of starvation. Who knew I would EVER have THAT problem! I am supposed to start eating 2000 calories a day, starting now. I had been eating about 1300-1500 a day. All in all a great visit. In 4 weeks they will do the 20 week BIG ultrasound, that will tell us if all is well, and if all the parts are in place. We could find out the sex, but we won't! I am really trying to accept that this is really happening, everything is going well, and I can now just enjoy the ride. Amazing!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Keep on truckin'

I am at 14 weeks and 5 days now. Everything seems to be going well. I am tired but much better than I was. I am still having a lot of back pain, even though I think the kid is in the right position now. I am looking for apartments, and dreading the move. I still am losing weight, probably because I am still eating sporadically. Molly went home last Sunday so it has been very quiet and lonely here again. Our cat Lucy actually caught a fly tonight, so we were very proud of her. She has been trying for so long, and sucks so badly. That's the most exciting thing around here, sad huh? I will write more after our next appointment.