Friday, October 24, 2008

It's getting interesting around here!

2 weeks ago Jason was sick, though he didn't tell me for a while. Well, he had another round of the Shingles. I called the Dr at the time and she said that there was a possibility that Will could get the Chicken Pox and that it was too late to worry about it because he has already been exposed. She said it would show up in about 2 weeks if it was going to happen. WELL....Tonight I stripped Will down for his bath and lo and behold he has red spots forming on his back. No wonder he was fussy yesterday! Poor little guy! I have to work for the next 2 days but I made Jason promise to call me if he gets worse and I will rush back home. I will take pictures tomorrow if they get more impressive. I still am holding out hope that they are not the chicken pox, maybe it's just some pimples! Pray for William for a quick recovery and a mild case!


Simmons Family said...

I hope if it is the chicken pox it is only a mild case. My brother had them when he was that age and only got ten spots but apparently that was enough because he hasn't gotten them again. The good side of it is if he has chicken pox now that is one less shot he'll have to get later. They are requiring chicken pox vaccines for kindergarten entry here if your child hasn't already had them.

Little Blessings said...

Poor thing! I guess he will be exposed early. Hopefully it won't be too terrible!