Thursday, October 23, 2008

Velcro Day

I am not sure if William is still not feeling great, or if he is just experiencing separation anxiety but that boy is stuck to me like white on rice! He freaks out if I leave the room even for an instant. He can still hear me and is even able to follow me but instead he stays where I left him and screams. The worst part is that he doesn't do this when Jason is home, so when I am trying to explain how hard the day was and why we are having something crappy for dinner I look like a total liar. Ugh. This morning he was fine until Jason left, when he realized that the door closed and Daddy was gone, then he looked and me and seemed to say, "You sure as heck aren't gettin' away!" and decided to keep tight reins on me. The only problem is I can get nothing done, and since he insists on being carried, I fell carrying him over a baby gate, taking the gate and us down with it. Thank God we weren't hurt, but we easily could have been. I just needed to get that off my chest. I figure the best thing to do for today is hold him and let the rest wait.


Julie said...

Developmentally he has just hit a new milestone. Congratulations. Will now realizes that you are his parents and he needs you and only feels safe with mom and pop. Enjoy it, the next step is stay the heck away from me I am a big kid and can do it all myself.
Remember the daycare kids who didn't notice when mom and dad left and then one day it hit them and they freaked out? tada!

Simmons Family said...

Sophie still screams every time I close the bathroom door to take a shower! Luckily, she gets over it after a couple minutes and I don't have to rush through my shower every morning.

Little Blessings said...

All mine have gone through that but Andrew was the worst. Since I am big on them being semi-independent (for my own sanity) I just let them scream. I figure as long as they can see me and touch me they are fine. Otherwise I would never have gotten anything done. Although I did spend a fair amount of time just snuggling. Oh, and when mine are like that I often know they need a nap. It is almost like a barometer for how much stress they can handle when sleepy!