Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Eager to see what Santa brought!


Opening his stocking

Sitting in the rocking chair from Grandma

Christmas Eve 2009....

Dinner first, then...

Dinosaur crayon holder from Uncle Jim and Aunt Joan--he spent at least 15 minutes putting the crayons in and out of the different holes!

John Deere tractor toys from Great-Grandpa Happy

Opening one of his books from Aunt Molly

William trying out Mommy's new blanket and pillow

Opening a present from Auntie Tricia

William trying out his new doctor set

Elmo DVD's from Grandma were a big hit!

Toy trucks from Uncle Patrick, Auntie Bridget and cousins

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another try with Santa...

William was still scared of Santa this time

William looks into Santa's workshop at the National Christmas Tree

The workshop mailroom

Naughty or Nice-o-meter, with a ticker tape of names and ratings

New Nativity scene--much better than last year!

William walked right up to it, pointed and said "Baby Jesus!"

The National Christmas Tree

Molly by the tree

A family shot by the tree

The tree with the Washington Monument in the background

William was a bit fussy this morning...

Good and messy after a lunch of Spaghetti-O's!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Fun!

White Christmas!

Snow Pants and Shovel= Prepared!
I CAN Put My Arms Down!!

Digging out the neighborhood...

Even Mommy Helped!

William got one heck of a snowfall! I measured 19 inches outside last night. He had a ball, and even conjured up a few sentences: "Snow is COLD!, Snow is STICKY!, and Lots of Snow!" We are so lucky that we didn't have to go anywhere this weekend!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

S-A-N-T-A rearranged spells SATAN!

William got this paper hat in Cambridge. He loves it!

William had his visit to Santa yesterday and let's just say he agrees with the Church Lady on SNL. He wouldn't go near him! We had a fit, back arching and a total freak out! So, no pictures this year. Maybe next year he will get one, but I gave up quickly and decided to not push the issue. Will has been out of sorts and I think he senses that something is going on around here. We have been rearranging furniture and cleaning constantly so he probably knows something is going to change. My Mom arrives tomorrow night, and I have to be at the hospital at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Ugh. William will be with us at the hospital because honestly I can't ask anyone to take him that early in the morning! I have everything basically as ready as I can get it. I hope this all goes well. I am very worried. I fear that something will go wrong and I will end up numb for the rest of my life! I am a chronic worrier though and everyone knows that. So, pray that I will be okay and that the surgeon is a precise, careful guy, without tremors! Ha! I am struggling with the control issue as well, I hate the idea of not taking care of William and the house. I hope by Christmas I am feeling well enough to go to church and enjoy the holiday. We shall see!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kwismas Twee!

Let's Go!

He insisted on pushing his way through the trees instead of going around...

What's this white stuff on my mitten?


Watching Daddy do the work...

Working hard in the timber!

We'll have him earning his way in no time!

Half dressed for the ride home! He was SO muddy!

After we cut about 10 inches off and quite a few branches it fit nicely in this corner!
I say it every year, but this IS the prettiest tree we have ever had!