Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Cakes

Now, the colors are kind of a weird combo, but my Roses are pretty darn good for a first timer! Cake class was last night and it was what I had been waiting for, Roses. They are really hard to do. Just the base took 10 tries to get right. Gives me more respect for those little old ladies in the back of Safeway.... There is only one more night in this session, so only one more cake to do. I am not going to do the next session till after the baby comes. I am actually quite sick right now. I am not sure if it's pneumonia or bronchitis. I am going to call the OB tomorrow morning and see what I am supposed to do. Baby is doing well though, as long as I manage to not cough him out in one of these fits! Grandpa Mike came to see us on Saturday night and Sunday. We had a nice, albiet short visit. We went to a friends for dinner Saturday night before Mike got here, had a good time watching the South Carolina primaries roll in. We were all very pleased at the results. Solon (Jason's cousin) was commenting on it the next day on national TV so it was fun to think of what response he should give. Sunday Solon and Andrea and the kiddos came over to see Mike and torture the cats. I made breakfast and then Jason and I went to the hospital tour. The maternity suites are very nice. Big rooms and they have the kitchen set up so you can get snacks whenever you want. They have a rocker in each room and a uncomfortable fold out bed thing for Dads. I am looking forward to "D" Day, I am getting more and more sore and tired. I am just not cut out for the pregnancy thing. I love the baby thing, just not the creative process.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lucy Fishing

I will post one of Lucy as well, since I recently posted a picture of Maggie. She does this weird fishing thing, and amazingly doesn't fall out of her cat tree. I have purchased her literally 200 dollars in cat toys and of course her favorite one is the $1.50 one from Walmart!

No more minimalism in this house!

We are now the owners of so much baby equipment I can't fathom that we could need anything else. I am posting the pictures of our swing and bouncer, these were from a very kind patient at work. I cleaned them well and they are so cute. We also have the matching baby gym, but I need to put it together to take a picture. I am also posting a picture of my 1st cake from my Wilton cake decorating class. I decided to take the class to keep me occupied for the next couple weeks. It was very fun, and yet very challenging. It says "Work Those Wrists" because at the time my wrists were so sore I could scream! I will be doing two cakes a week, so look forward to more pictures.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Maggie's New Chair

I got a baby bouncer from Solon and Andrea recently and I really liked it because it can lay flat or sit and has a mobile. So I carefully took it apart and washed it well and then put it back together. Immediately Maggie crawled in a decided that she loved it. I layed a blanket on it to control the cat hair accumulation. She has been in it all weekend, so Jason and I decided that this may be a piece of "Baby" equipment we may never be able to get rid of. She even likes the vibrating feature!! Both cats seem intrigued by all the changes around here. It will be interesting to see how they react to the real thing. Thankfully I have another bouncer, so Maggie won't feel offended by the baby taking "HER" spot.


We are at 33 weeks and counting. Since we came home from vacation we have been very busy working, and as you can see, getting ready for the baby. So many of my patients from work have been SO generous. I have received so many sweet little outfits, a swing, bouncer, and baby gym. The swing, bouncer and baby gym are almost new, only used by one little baby who is 9 mo old now, so they are in great shape. We finally found a rocker that I liked the feel of so we brought that home, and I have been using it often. I am feeling OK, some days better than others. My blood sugar keeps dropping, so I have to eat frequent small meals. Working is really getting hard, so I am really looking forward to the next 5 weeks going fast! The kids are so heavy and they kick me often when I am drawing blood, or giving them shots. Who can blame them.... but it probably isn't good for sprout. We set up the crib this weekend, just for fun. The bedding is Hey Diddle Diddle from Laura Ashley (10bucks) and the crib is the Italian one I paid 20 dollars for long ago in Wisconsin. The crib is in our room for now, and the changing table is in the office/nursery. I got all my cloth diapers washed and ready to go. You have to wash them about 5 times to make sure they are really absorbent and fluffy. We received some gift cards for Christmas to Borders so we went to the bookstore the other day and bought "Where the Wild Things Are", "Harold and the Purple Crayon", "Dinosaur Roar" and a few others. I also bought a DK Truck book because if this kid is like all other boys on earth he will love all things truck like. Sprout is still very active and has started to kick back when tapped a few times, which is very endearing. I have one more ultrasound in 2 weeks so that will be fun to see once again how the baby is shaping up. I have been seeing some big newborns recently and I am feeling a little nervous considering how they get out! We have the hospital tour next Sunday so that will be good to check the place out before the big day. Hope everyone is doing great in 2008!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

We returned home last night after 11 days in Washington. All in all we had a great time. We spent lots of time with Patrick and Bridget's little family. We stopped there on the way home from the airport so we could see them right away and meet the newest addition to the family. Sophie is SO cute and very advanced. She is a very happy baby, and very active. Connor was very intrigued by Uncle Jason's long hair, and kept forgetting his name refering only to him as the braid boy or the rubber band boy. On Christmas Connor said he was going to grow his out when he grows up. Hopefully he won't stick to that. Connor was also ultra active with his various sports equipment. I wish he lived in Wisconsin so he could really play hockey all winter in the playgrounds. He was extremely impressive for a 3 year old. Laura was a little shy at first, but warmed up as the days went on and by the end was very happy to see us. She loved being read to, and seemed to enjoy her baby dolls a lot. We went to the Everett Childrens Museum one day, it was amazing and had changed so much since I was last there as a nanny. I can't wait till Sprout is old enough to go. It was so nice spending time with the kids and Patrick and Bridget. They are such great parents, and Bridget is so calm with the kids and maintains her sanity so well. We were both very impressed with how well they handle 3 kids who are so close in age. It gives me hope that one will be no big deal at all. We went out to eat with Jason's family for my steak fix, I have been craving meat in the last month. Christmas was a 3 day affair for us this year. Christmas eve was with Mom and Molly and Cookie, Sprout got many cute things, including the outfit he will wear home from the hospital that Molly picked out in England. Then Christmas morning we went to Ryan's house for the Simmon's family bash. Lots of presents and Sprout got spoiled there as well, he got Robeez and Aunt Bridget crocheted him a VERY soft pale green afghan which I will bring to the hospital as well. Boxing day we went to Julie's and Sprout got a Lovely knitted hat, blanket and a chrocheted sweater with little peter rabbit buttons, which he can also wear home from the hospital. It feels so nice to get all these homemade things for the baby. I will really treasure them. Most of our days were spent at Mom's house, going through bins left over from Grandma and Grandpa's house and getting little things fixed around there. Jason put in a new kitchen faucet and changed the deadbolt lock, amongst other things. On New Years Eve day we went out with Grandma Jeanine and she bought lots and lots of various things we still needed for the baby. We took back an extra suitcase of stuff just for the baby and mom will bring another in march. I had my OB appointment this AM, I didn't gain anything, but the Dr doesn't seem worried, they did an ultrasound right before we left and it all looked great. The baby measured 2 weeks big. I see them again in 2 weeks. I return to work tomorrow, it is so nice to home and back into the normal rut. Happy New Year and have a great 2008! The picture of Laura is sideways and I can't seem to delete it, sorry....