Thursday, March 27, 2014

Charlie's Big Boy School Adventure...

Watching for his bus...

Playing in the snow with William while waiting outside for the bus...

Oh So Eager to GET ON!

So glad they have built in car seats on the bus!  Charlie was ready!
When we moved here to Elk River, I started taking Charlie to a weekly class offered by the school district for parents and children.  We would go and play with other kids Charlie's age, and do some arts and crafts, circle time, etc.  When we were there I noticed that Charlie still isn't talking much, or very clearly, especially compared to kids his own age.  He says crazy, long words like Tyrannosaurus Rex, but can't/won't tell you what he wants to drink.  So, I decided to have him checked out by our Birth to 3 program.  He qualified for services based on his expressive language, meaning he takes it all in well, but doesn't get it out as well.  I can tell he gets frustrated by it, and I am all for early intervention!  So, twice a week for 2.5 hours he is going to go to the local preschool program and have speech therapy along with getting to play with kids his age, both with and without problems.  So great!  Since we are still new here, it's great for Charlie to get a chance to make some buddies.  So far he loves it, and his teacher and aide both seem to enjoy him.  We are happy Charlie is getting to do something that is all his too.  The little brother always seems to end up following along behind big brother, and I like that he is doing something that is all his.  William doesn't get to ride a bus!  On a funny, and touching note, William was VERY upset and bothered that we were just putting Charlie on this bus and letting people drive away with him.  He wanted to make sure he was coming back.  He has also been asking to go see Charlie's school.   I think he is intrigued by this separate life that Charlie suddenly has...  We are all excited to see the progress Charlie will be making, and I am grateful that I followed my gut and contacted the program. I must say though, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, putting my little baby on that bus!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Will's New Wheels...

William had officially outgrown his old bike so Grandma Jeanie and Grandpa sent him a gift card to buy a new one for his birthday.  We picked it out today and treated him to this WILD new helmet.  His other helmet has gotten too small too.  The kid is growing like a weed!  He braved the cold temps to go have some fun on his vehicles today.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Now We Are Six: Part 2...

Assembling the Power Wheels with Dad...

Love It!

Presents before school...

Batman Lego Clock!

Gift Card for more Legos! Whoohoo!

Aunt Molly and Uncle Richard sent some great phonics readers- Will is reading them all on his own!

The class sang "Happy Birthday" and Will danced around while they sang to him...and then we ate Spiderman cupcakes!

Will's Birthday Cake

The Birthday Boy!

Will and Charlie LOVE the truck!  Will even let's Charlie drive and he operates the radio...

This weekend we went to the zoo, since it was warmer...28 degrees!

William stopped off at Toys R Us to spend his gift card...So thrilled!

Today was William's 6 year well child visit.  It was great!
William's visit went well today.  He is growing well, despite almost never eating...
Age 5                              Age 6
Wt:  46lbs                    Wt:  49lbs (60th%)
Ht: 44.3 in                    Ht:  46.75in (75th%)

He had his Hemoglobin checked today to see if he was anemic, and he wasn't so that's good.  The Dr also said that he that it's ok to not force him to take a bite of food that he doesn't want to eat, that he can just take a test lick...When we make him take a bite he makes himself throw up so I am less inclined to do that, LOL!  He is such a picky eater!  She was happy with everything development wise, and we don't have to go back for a year.  No shots today, so Will only had to get poked for the blood test, so he was only slightly freaked out. All in all a healthy little man!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And Now We Are Six...

William had a fantastic birthday.  He woke up early, opened presents, got doughnuts for breakfast and then went to school.  We brought cupcakes to class, and gave out reading activity goodie bags based on Dr Seuss stories.  The kids loved them!  Will was sung to by his class and got a card and a birthday bag to bring home.  After school we came home and tried out the power wheels.  The snow was still too deep on the sidewalk, but it did ok on the driveway.  We went to dinner at his favorite Space Alien CafĂ©, (it's kinda like Pizza Planet) and then we came home for more presents and some Lego building.  All in all a good birthday.  I did his annual likes list last night:
Food: Chicken Nuggets
Superhero: Batman
Color: Red
Place to Eat:  Alien Restaurant
Book: Batman Books
Movie/Show:  Superhero Squad
What I want to be:  Police Officer
Song: Thank You God
Snack: Fruit Snacks
Vacation: African Jungle
Person: Everyone
Toy: Imaginext Dinosaurs
Store: Target
He also wanted to add that he loves to dance to his Kidz Bop music CD's.

He has his 6 year visit next Monday and I am looking forward to seeing how tall he has gotten!  I know he hasn't gained much, he is seriously skin and bones, but I know he has gotten a lot taller! 
This has been such a big year for William, and I am looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!  We love you William, you are such a great kid, and everyone who meets you recognizes how special you are!   Happy 6th Birthday my Pudd...