Friday, July 31, 2015

Early Summer...

The boys went camping in a actual tent!  Daddy took them to a nearby park for 2 nights, and Grandma and I stayed home and watched musicals! 

Tent Life.

Canoeing.  They look pretty unimpressed....


Campfire fun...

Keeping cool in the lake...

A giant sandbox perfect for Charlie...

Grandma and I took the boys to Pepin Wisconsin to see the Little House in the Big Woods...

The boys in the replica of the Little House...
Grandma in her sunbonnet and the boys in the doorway of the cabin...

While we were ripping up all the landscaping around our foundation, Charlie created a delightful mud pit!

He called it his "Sock Pit" because it made muddy socks on his feet...

Mud + Boy = JOY

My Charlie Boy

William loves to pretend he is a lawn fountain... 
He's pretty good!  

Catching Up...FINALLY

Wow.  I can't believe all that has happened in the last few months.  We searched, put in offers, inspected, walked away, put in more offers, and finally closed on, what we hope, will be our home for a LONG time.  Grandma had cancer, then surgery, then complications, then Aunt Tricia came to see us, then Grandma finally got the all clear, then we moved over a two week period, then school ended, Aunt Molly had her baby, we had a fence, hot water heater, washer and dryer, and new fridge installed, remodeled a bathroom, painted the top floor, relandscaped the entire foundation, and went on a vacation!   Whew!  I have been working, Jason has been working even harder, the kids are growing like crazy, we got a kitten and Grandpa Mike came to see us!  No wonder I'm tired!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Charlie is FOUR!!

Saturday we had the big party with lots of friends...

It was so windy, it was hard to light the candles!

Make a wish! 

Charlie got lots of Legos for his birthday and he was thrilled!  They never get old, he builds from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed!

We rented a huge bouncy castle for the day of his party...It was a hit!  The kids played in it for hours and hours!

This morning he opened the rest of his presents before Will went to school.  He got lots of great toys and some cute clothes, and some fun books...

He used his Target gift card for this lego friends set!  It was so cute, and not too hard to put together.  Thanks Aunt Tissa!
Charlie is growing up fast.  We have seen an explosion of growth and change this year.  He goes to preschool 3 mornings a week, and happily plays at home the other days.  He loves Legos, and seems to have left Duplos behind him.  He loves books, but more often at bedtime than throughout the day.  He is still kinda into Thomas, but it's not an obsession anymore. He sleeps through the night FINALLY!  and has even put himself to bed a few times.  He has started to come in and snuggle in the morning, just like William.  He is such a fun guy, and we feel so very lucky to have him!
Charlie's Favorites:
Color: Blue
Food: Hot Dogs
Character: Bugs Bunny
Book: Tale of the Brave
Movie: Thomas Tale of the Brave
Person: Emmet
What I want to be when I grow up:  Teacher
Number: 5

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

Easter was fun, but kinda under a cloud of crazy this year.  We have all been sick in turn with a nasty stomach bug, and fever.  Charlie decided to add a cough and stuffy nose too just for variety.  We are also in the midst of buying our first home, Jason had a deadline at work, and Grandma is having major surgery! Whew! It's a miracle we dyed eggs or did anything!  Will was home sick from school, but when his fever broke, I figured we might as well go for it.  Easter was cold, and damp, so I didn't get many pictures of the hunt, and you can't see their Easter outfits because they have their coats on, and Charlie refused to wear his, saying "I will wear it next Easter!"  You can't fight city hall.  I made a delicious brunch, and we had 5 of Jason's buddies over for the meal.  It was a nice day, and I ended it with a night shift and the beginnings of stomach flu.  The kids loved it all though and ate tons of chocolate, and both got a new skylander, and books, so they were content.  I hope at some point though we get a Easter that my kids can hunt eggs with no jacket... ( :  It is Minnesota though...I will have to start buying Christmas AND Easter sweaters!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Minnehaha Falls in Solid Form...

Jason took the boys to Minnehaha Falls while I was sleeping after a night shift a couple weeks ago.  I was so amazed with how it looks!  There were some people going in, but it is against the rules and it's pretty dangerous, but I probably would have done it!  ( :  Charlie is only posing with double thumbs up these days...

William Turns SEVEN!!

The Monday before his birthday there was no school so we headed to Nickelodeon Universe with 2 friends!

Will had a ball and so did Jack and Cara!

Mall of America has a HUGE Lego Store with a giant Lego play area.  The boys could have stayed here for hours.  Cara and I went to American Girl while the boys played!

The Blues Clues Ride continues to be one of Will's favorites!

Bumper Cars!

Will was really good at them this time, I guess all the driving the Power Wheels helped!

Birthday morning was all about the presents!

I brought Minecraft cupcakes and treats to his class.  Here is Will and his teacher Ms Rusterholtz

Will ate 2 cupcakes!

Will requested birthday brownies this year instead of cake!  They were yummy!

In the evening we went to Space Alien Cafe for dinner.  It is kind of like a Pizza Planet like in Toy Story...

Will and the Space Alien fistbumped! 

Will made a great haul of Minecraft, Big Hero 6, and Skylanders!  A 7 year old boy couldn't ask for anything more!

William's Annual Likes List:
Food: Hot Dogs
Superhero: Batman
Color: Red
Place to Eat:  Noodles and Co
Book: Geronimo Stilton
Movie/Show:  Animaniacs
What I want to be:  Ninja
Song: Firework by Katie Perry
Snack: Fruit Snacks
Vacation: Boston
Person: Abraham Lincoln
Toy: Skylanders
Store: Target and Goodwill

William had his 7 year well child exam:
Ht: 49.25 in  (46.75in at 6)
Wt: 55lbs (49lbs at 6)
He is growing so tall!  75th percentile for height!  We had his parent teacher conference the same day and he is doing great in school.  He is top in reading and math and his handwriting had greatly improved!  I am glad I have kept papers from early in the year to compare to.  I love this kid so much, and I can't believe he is already 7!  He is still a super picky eater, but what he does eat is healthy.  He sleeps well, and is such a nice, caring, generous boy.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing kiddo!