Monday, October 27, 2008

Makeovers n' Such..

Today they were doing one of those Mom make overs on the Oprah show. I have seen many of these over the years and once again they have failed to do a realistic makeover. I can't see myself cleaning poop or puke off a matching sweater set. I won't iron unless there's a death or a wedding. I can't spend an hour every morning putting on make up and doing my hair. I may not be overly attractive in my sweats and cotton t-shirts but I do have a baby so I must be doing something right! Other than that, we stayed in out of the cold and rain today and read books and snuggled a lot. I got the Fisher Price Zoo out for him, and put fresh batteries in. He figured out how to push all the animal sound buttons and it reminded me of why I took the batteries out long ago.


Auntie Julie said...

As an unemployed person, I have been watching too much What not to Wear and Tim Gunn's Guide to style. They are supposed to inspire me to shower and wear real clothes everyday, but it doesn't always work. At least you have a baby as an excuse, I just feed peanuts to a squirrel and pet geriatric cats.

Kelly and Jason said...

Yeah, but you are getting paid for it.

Little Blessings said...

I totally agree with you! In my little world if I put on a pair of jeans in my normal day I have officially dressed up! I watched an episode of What Not to Wear when they made over a stay at home mom. They got some things right but they focused kinda heavy on khaki pants and semi-dressy stuff for "just in case" Oh, and my favorite was the pair of jeans that you wore with heels to the grocery store. HA! It was painfully obvious that none of them have ever tried to wear some of that stuff and play with kids. Non-grungy sweats, track pants and jeans work best in my opinion for crawling around and playing. Anything dressier than that would make me paranoid about messes. And what fun is that for me or the kids?