Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Fun-filled Week!

Laura and Will Will at Natural History Museum and (R) Julia and Will

Above Will in another Tree, Julia in front of White House, and Alex worn out on the couch....

Riding the Metro and eating Lunch

Below- Blueberry Picking

Lots of hours in the pool!

Saturday night Dave, Laura, Julia, Alex, and Claire arrived from Florida. We have had such a great time that I have not been blogging at all. We spent lots of time at the pool, in DC, and playing hours of Scrabble and Rummikub. We love them all so much and miss them terribly. They were all very impressed with Will and he loved the kids all around him. Today he was very cranky after they left, and expected me to entertain him the whole day. Julia is going to be an excellent Mommy some day, she helped do all the baby tasks very eagerly and she was very capable. Alex was very into knights and legos and we have some castle legos, so he was thrilled. Clarie is 2 and a half and was very cute with the baby and explaining that she was no longer a baby but was now a big girl, and described all the ways that this was true. Very sweet! All in all a wonderful few days and reminded us once again how much fun it was when we were all a big family in Madison.

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