Monday, July 7, 2008

4 Month Check Up

Today was Will's appointment. He is now a whopping 17pounds 7 oz! I was shocked! He was 12 pounds 13 oz at 2 mo. Yikes! He is almost 26 inches long, up from 24in at 2 mo. His head is huge, 44.5cm, up from 41.5 at 2 mo. He is busting out of a lot of his clothes. I specifically put something on him daily that he hasn't worn yet because I have so many things he has barely worn. The Dr said I should feed him cereal 2 times a day now, and get his naps more scheduled. Right now his bedtimes are great, he goes down at about 9:30 every night and is up for the day around 8am. His naps however are all over the place. She said I should get him down to 2 naps, instead of the 4 or 5 little naps he usually takes. So after he recovers from the trauma of his shots I will work on that. Our little boy is getting so big, it's kind of sad....She also thinks he will be an early crawler, since his gross motor skills are advanced. So soon we need to baby proof the house. Ugh!


Little Blessings said...

That is crazy how big he is. I took Lucy in today as well and she is 17# 14.5 oz. He is almost the same size and 2 months younger! Crazy how they decide to grow though. Good luck with the whole early crawling thing. That is bad enough. Hopefully that won't mean early walking too. They just have no common sense when they start walking early. It is truly frightening to see them off and running without a lick of sense!

Kelly and Jason said...

That's true! I hope he doesn't crawl really early, I may knock him down when he tries. (HA HA!) I can't believe how huge he is either. Jason was really a big baby though so maybe he will be a skinny guy when he grows up. My biggest fear is that my kids get my fat genes! Pudd eats like crazy though, and I don't just stick it in every time he cries, I actually make sure that's what he wants before I feed him. How is Lucy napping, and do you have any advice on that?

Little Blessings said...

Napping is great for Lucy. I think the biggest thing for her is when I let her fall asleep on her own (I don't know if you are in the just let them cry it out stage yet or not) she sleeps much better and much longer. If she sleeps in the car or stroller or anything it is more like a cat nap and she takes much more of them. So, depending on the whole crying it out thing, I just put them down and make them go to sleep. I don't rock or nurse them to sleep. They are always tired but awake when I put them down. Lucy is taking two naps a day right now. YOu may try keeping him up through some of his fussy time for like 30 minutes or so. He may just need to get totally exhausted before he can drop off for a great nap. Although I know that it is awful to have two long naps. I never feel like I can go anywhere. I am penned in by the "napping schedule" Hope that helps. Oh yeah, it seems like sometime right around his age they just stop doing that cat nap thing too. I think the extra activity (rolling, crawling, sitting) causes them to need more sleep.