Saturday, July 5, 2008

3 month portraits

They finally came back, though he is now 4 months today! I think they turned out very sweet! I scanned them in so they are a bit dirty, sorry!


Simmons Family said...

What great pictures! He looks so adorable! Is that the outfit he wore to Molly's grad thing? He seems so much older already! I weighed Sophie last week and she is only 16lbs!!! I bet Will has her beat doesn't he. Thanks for the pictures you sent. The one of Patrick was the on Happy gave me that I had lost. Thanks so much.

Kelly and Jason said...

He is well over 16 pounds by now, I will know an exact figure on Monday. The outfit is the little one we bought at Janie and Jack, it's SO cute, and now it's too small. I will save it though for another kid.

Little Blessings said...

I think he is adorable! He holds his head up really well too! Isn't it ridiculous how long it takes to get photo's back. I am always shocked and dismayed. I still keep going though!