Monday, August 4, 2008

Nursing Strike!

Will has decided to stop nursing. All the while I am trying to convince him that he wants to continue nursing. Thankfully in the wonderful book "Touchpoints" by Dr Brazelton, he talks about how many babies seem to be less interested in nursing for a while at this age and if you stick with it, they will start again. So, when he doesn't clean me out, I pump. I took pictures of him looking up at me, just in case these are the final days. I will miss him unlatching and staring up at me with such love.... We are still struggling with naps, in fact he is crying in his room as I type this. Ugh. He sounds so awful, hopefully he will go to sleep soon. I worked this weekend at the clinic. It wasn't bad, and it went fast. Otherwise, we are all fine. Jason is working hard to find America alternative fuel sources, and I am busy raising the little man. He is sitting pretty well for a moment or two and then falls over, he is chewing on everything, and is scooching up to 1 foot to get to a toy. He likes books more and more, but is still more interested in them orally than intellectually. He is sitting now in the tub and has learned to splash, which he finds hilarious, and I find excessively damp. We love him dearly and are having so much fun with him. Tomorrow he turns 5 months!


Little Blessings said...

I am always so sad (and uncomfortable) when they do the nursing strike thing. Wait it out. It should get better. Zane had a huge strike around 14 months that I finally just let turn into weaning. I suppose it was time. How is the whole feeding thing going? Did you decide to up him to 3 meals a day? Good luck with the napping. It is tough but I know you are tougher!

Kelly and Jason said...

Yeah, we are doing 3 meals a day, because he was drinking so much formula and nursing so often. Today he put himself to sleep twice after long bouts of crying. Naps seem to be his sticking point. I am more than willing to trade naps for night time sleep though!