Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Job Search

I interviewed for a job today at a fertility clinic. I would only work every other weekend, 6:30am to around 1pm. It will be nice if I get it, some extra cash and a chance to talk to adults every once in a while. I would have to assist with some pretty freaky procedures though so I will need to become very mature all of a sudden. Like saying "Ejaculate" and "Semen" without wanting to giggle or at least crack a smile! You also have to ask questions that could be a little embarrassing. But the hours are good, the pay is good and I know a few people there already so that would be fun. We'll see how it goes. I'm not getting my hopes up yet.


Teresa Leigh said...

medical stuff is all so amusing to me, When people come in for a walk in doctor and they say they have a bump on there penis I have to use every ounce my self control not to laugh at them!

Kelly and Jason said...

I had a patient by the name of Mike Hunt, seriously! Calling him in the waiting room was always very nerve racking for me.

Little Blessings said...

Someone really needs to examine both the first and the last names when they name there children. I know that Lucy Fern when said together quickly sounds like Lucifer. I do! But I doubt that many people will call her by her middle name as an adult. I am taking that chance! Oh yeah, your maturity and self control is admirable. I think I would have a giggling fit every time I thought about half that stuff.