Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seven Facts About Pudd

Sam tagged me for 7 interesting facts about my kids/or kid. After I am done I was supposed to Tag 7 other people, but I don't know that many people that have blogs. SO my dear sis Bridget will have to do it, because I am dying to know 7 facts about each of my adorable nieces and nephew. Here are mine regarding Will....

1. Recently we have discovered that he loves peas, something Jason and I aren't fond of.

2. He kicks his legs and moves his arms and becomes very excited when he sees my boobs from across a room.

3. Whenever we make him laugh a lot he gets hiccups.

4. He is very flirty with women already, he raises his eyebrows and is very vocal. Must be from Uncle Patrick and Grandpa Happy.

5. He can now pivot on his belly in a full circle on the floor.

6. When he spits up, he loves to rub it all over his face, or play with it on the tray of the excersaucer.

7. Has no idea that his name is William, only answers to Pudd.

8. Bonus, Whenever you play airplane and raise him in the air, he "toots his horn".

Someday he will be very embarrassed by reading this.


Simmons Family said...

Thanks a lot. You only have one kid to come up with seven facts about. I have three and very little time to blog lately!

PS. We got Silly Willy's pictures in the mail today. They were so cute. Thank you.

Little Blessings said...

Ok, I can't get it off my mind. He sees your boobs from across the room? Do you run some type of topless joint at your place? LOL

Kelly and Jason said...

No! When he gets fussy, I have Jason bring him to me, and when he sees me get ready by pulling down the flap, etc, he grins, squeals, and wiggles in delight! I can imagine a lactating topless bar, for 5 bucks more, I'll shoot you in the eye!

Little Blessings said...

Now that would be a site! Can you imagine the job ad for that? "Hey all you lactating ladies, need some extra cash? Turn those boobs into bucks!"