Friday, July 25, 2008

It's all paying off....

How Time Flies! 4 days old

For the last 2 days I have been putting Pudd to bed at the first sign of sleepiness and it seems to really be working. He lays there and talks for a while, then all of a sudden screams for about 1 minute and then immediately collapses into a peacefull slumber. I find that kind of amusing. He discovered just today that he can roll over and over to get to another area of the room. He made it about 15 feet today all in all. He still seems kind of surprised when he rolls from his belly to back though. He was all smiles this morning for a long time, and I was thinking this morning what a relief it is to be madly in love with him after the rocky start we had. I was watching this couple on a Baby's Story on TLC and they were so sticky sweet in love with their baby immediately, and had no issues breastfeeding, just loved being sleep deprived, instead of sleeping they would just stay awake and look at the baby. They sort of made me want to puke. The more I talk to people the more I realize that this is not the norm. Sleep deprivation stinks, breastfeeding is hard at first, and the kid is cute, but is like a very demanding, completely helpless house guest, that is planning on staying forever! What no one tells you also though is that in a few short weeks it all gets soooo much better, you get in your groove, and you can't imagine life any other way ever again. I love seeing Will changing but I am a little sad that it is going so fast! I am taking the time every day to stop and enjoy the stage he is at right now because all too soon he will be a big boy who will stop wanting to hug me in public because it's not "Cool".

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Little Blessings said...

Soak up the baby snuggles now! I have one that will snuggle and one that will not. (No determination on Lucy yet) My heart breaks when Zane won't snuggle but I am really hoping it is a phase that will end.... sometime at least! Fantastic about the sleeping!