Thursday, July 3, 2008

Folk Life Festival 2008

Inside the temple.

Weavings by the Women of Bhutan

Will being blessed by the Monks.....

Will has now achieved a state of inner peace and enlightenment!

Below is an amazing design all done with different colors of sand. It is amazing, they work for hours and then the wind is allowed to take it away.

Pudd and Momma gittin ready to rustle us up some grub!

Today we ventured in to DC and attended the Folk Life Festival. Every year they showcase 2 countries and one state. This year was Bhutan and Texas, the other feature was NASA instead of another country because NASA is turning 50. The NASA part was lame and so was Texas. They mostly just had musicians and food. The food part was enjoyable, with Texas style BBQ, but otherwise it was a washout. The Bhutanese culture was very well represented however. It is a very small country, only about 650,000 people. They are very third world, still using oxen to plow, getting water from rivers, etc. They are Buddhist and they had an actual temple built for the festival. We toured it and one of the monks blessed Will and tied a bracelet on his wrist to ward off evil spirits. We also saw a lot of their arts and crafts, and ate some excellent food. It was extremely hot however, so after a few hours we were ready to go home.

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