Thursday, July 24, 2008

A One Ring Circus!!!

We tried Will out in his new bath seat tonight. He loved it but slid around an awful lot, so I think we will wait awhile to do it again. He looks pretty happy though!


Little Blessings said...

Cool little ring. I just started letting Lucy sit up in the tub too. She would kick and splash and make a huge mess when she would lay. So now I only do it to wash her hair. I hadn't seen one of those rings before. Is it the pool variety or specifically for indoors?

Kelly and Jason said...

It is specifically for indoors. It has suctions cups on the bottom that hook on the tub. I think you can get them at babies r us. I paid 4 bucks for mine at the consignment shop. Will too is a major splasher and he is doing this weird bucking thing when he lays now that if I am not extremely careful he will surely drown himself. Hopefully he will be able to use the ring thing all the time soon.