Friday, May 23, 2008

William needs his own space!

Will wearing his fuzzibunz

I am considering changing Will to his own room this long memorial weekend. He is a noisy little guy and he wakes up occasionally in the night and does a strange series of grunts and coos and wiggles a lot until he falls back asleep. I wake up from this of course, and though he is not crying it does keep me awake for a while. I think if I move him, I will only hear him when he really needs us. For 2 nights he slept straight through and then last night he was up every 3 hours eating. I am not sure if this was a growth spurt or he wasn't feeling well, but it sucked. This is why I hesitate to move him. If I have to get up over and over, I would rather do it in my own room than have to go to his and sit on the loveseat. Though we may both go back to sleep sooner if we do it that way. It is hard to decide, and if I do it I won't want to switch it back as it involves moving a great deal of electronics and furniture. We'll see how it goes tonight. If he sleeps through again I may do it. Otherwise, we have been having a good time. I ran errands yesterday, returned some things I ordered from Lands End to Sears -I love that you can return stuff there and not have to pay shipping back. I bought Will a cute outfit to wear home. I am gearing up for our big trip to Washington. I am a little nervous about making through 3 airports with just me and the baby. We have a layover in Wisconsin and I will be awfully tempted to get in a taxi and run back to Madison. My mom is going to meet us at the airport and then we will go meet Jason's mom for lunch. Jason arrives the following week, getting in on Thursday night. Molly's graduation is Saturday, the 14th. I still haven't figured out what to get her. The fuzzi bunz by the way, are working GREAT! They are so simple and I really love them. I am even using them out and about so I am now using 1 disposable at night and that is it! Go Green/Save Green!

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Simmons Family said...

I don't have any advice about switching rooms. My kids didn't sleep through the night! Those fuzzibuns sound really neat! I think we are going to have a BBQ for Sophie's b-day the evening of the 13 (Friday. If you want to stop by on the 4th that would be great and the 6th works too.