Monday, May 26, 2008

New Room, New Worries

Will in his crib, in his new room. The blankets around him seem to help him feel secure.
Working on head control during tummy time.
New room arrangement, it looks more crowded than it is at this angle. Note the windows on the balcony that I fear.
Hanging out under the baby gym.

Will does this weird face pulling thing from time to time. Sometimes it looks quite painful. As they say in the south, "That boy ain't right!"

Will spent last night in his new room, and slept from 9:40 till almost 6 this morning. I was by far more scared and nervous than he could have ever been. There is a balcony off his room and all night I imagined someone coming in to his room and stealing him. It was horrible, not horrible enough to have him sleep in our room though. I have the baby monitor, and the apartment is only 1,050sq ft, so I am sure if anything happened I would hear it. The room switch was tons of work, but we accomplished a lot and cleared out tons of junk that we didn't really need anymore. I haven't put all the stuff on the walls yet, but I will this week. We spent today out running errands, mainly grocery shopping while I struggled to come up with ideas for new things to eat that don't cost a lot of money. I hate to try an new recipe that I have to purchase tons of ingredients for that I would not normally buy. Then if you hate it, you are stuck with all these things you will never use again. The big news however was that at 5:35pm William laughed out loud! A real laugh, not just a weird cough like thing he was doing. He did it in response to me laughing at a funny face he was making. It was very exciting, and just in time for us to go home to Washington!

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Little Blessings said...

I LOVE baby laughs. They make my day. Good for Will for sleeping through the night for you. Now you just need to sleep through the night along with him!