Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ahhh Precious Sleep, How I've missed you!

Last night William Olen Simmons slept from 10 until 6 am. That's right....8 hours! It was wonderful to wake up and see daylight creeping in. Tonight he went to bed at 9:40 and I haven't heard a peep since. Amazing. But it is only 9:59..... Today we met up with our dear friend Rachel and she took us to Bethesda for lunch and to go to a consignment shop that had used cloth diapers. We went to a microbrewery, even though we weren't drinking. It was very good, I had the pulled pork BBQ. The consignment shop had fuzzibunz, which are about as close as you can get in a cloth diaper that is as easy as a disposable. They are normally very expensive, about 17 dollars each. They had 36 of them, 18 in small and 18 in medium for only 3.50 each! Great deal! They normally sell used for 10 each. I don't think the shop lady knew anything about them, or she would have charged much more. I started using them tonight and Jason and I both love them. They are really adjustable, and really easy to put on. And I got enough of them to only have to wash every 2-3 days and sizes that will fit till he weighs over 30 pounds, all for the cost of 3 months worth of disposables! My BPA free bottles came today too. They are very nice and he seems to like the nipple shape. I will post some random pics from the past couple of days.


Little Blessings said...

Sleep is a beautiful thing. Good job Will! Give that mommy and daddy of yours some rest! They definitely deserve it.

Now he will hopefully keep it up. Lucy is still very unpredictable with sleeping through the night. Just when I think I can start getting used to it she will wake up 3 times in one night. Some day I WILL sleep again. ;)

Simmons Family said...

Will, you need to teach your cousin Sophie a lesson. She still wakes up once or twice every night.

Kelly, what day is Molly's grad? We are trying to plan Sophie's Birthday party and didn't want to make it conflict.

Kelly and Jason said...

Not until the 14th. It is in the morning and then we will be free the rest of the day, she has to go to a wedding in the afternoon. I am planning on spending the 6th with you, if that's ok. I get in on the am of the 4th and am meeting Jeanine for lunch, dou you want us to stop by that day if we have the energy? I will have William discuss this with Sophie, and give her some tips on going back to sleep on her own. It involves a great deal of leg kicking and grunting.