Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Leaky Bottles and Dry Bottoms

We are now officially in cloth diapers full time. I must say I truly love it. I am actually having less leaks than I had with disposables. So often when I would change Will and then nurse him he would pee out the side of the disposable, this is not a problem with the cloth. I am going to do 2 extra loads a week, but is that really so much to ask when I am saving 30 bucks a month at least on diapers? The bottle issue is another story. I started with a full supply of Avent bottles I had left from daycare. They were in great shape, many brand new. While I was pregnant the news came out about Polycarbonates and the BPA chemicals that they can leach, so I got rid of them and bought the cheap Gerber 5 oz and NUK nipples. The flow was so slow that he would take over 1 hour to complete a feeding. Then we switched to the old rubber nipples. They work for a while, but then they tend to get clogged or something, because the flow backs off and then we are back to why we quit the NUKs. Jason and I don't like the 9 oz Gerbers that are so long and clunky, so we wanted a shape like Avent, but without the BPA. Many of these bottles cost 7-10 dollars each, yikes! Gerber made one like avent but without the BPA so I bought those. Every time I filled them, no matter how I twisted on the cap, they leaked like crazy! It was so annoying! So then I remembered that the Avent sippy cups are not made of the Polycarbonate and they are supposed to fit the Avent Nipple. (It shows it on the package!) So I went and found the 9 oz cups and the nipples in the right flow rate, took them home and they leaked all over! Arrrgghhh! So Jason and I have been to all kinds of stores looking for the right kind, and have had little luck. I could switch to the playtex nurser but I am to thrifty to pay 7.50 every 2 weeks for liners. I just ordered some MAM bottles from Amazon so we will see if these can hold the liquid in the bottle instead of leaking like a sieve. Soon I think I will dip a rag in a bowl of formula and have him suck that like they did for a baby pig in Farmer Boy! I will let you know how the situation works out.


Little Blessings said...

I cannot even imagine. Did Avent come up with some new substance since all that info came out? Or are they still the same. I have Avent bottles for the rare occasion that I am away from my babies. Now you have me worried!

Kelly and Jason said...

Avent has not come out with an alternative yet. The BPA is supposed to leech out when the bottles are worn or scratched, so just replace them regularly. I wouldn't worry about it if it is a once and a while thing. Will gets 8 bottles a day though so he would be exposed more frequently. BPA is a hormone disruptor and an synthetic estrogen. This may be causing more ADHD and future infertility. The jury is still out but the National Institute for Health is concerned and Canada has banned it all together. We certainly don't want our kids to be in more harm than Canadian kids!