Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This better be worth it!

Today was Will's first shots! Eeeek! I have given, literally over 1,000 shots in my career and have never had a problem. However, they were not being given to MY baby! It was awful. He never has cried like that before. (He may have actually in the NICU, but I didn't hear it) The good news is that he is now a whopping 12 pounds 13ounces and is now 23.75inches long! WOW! He was 10 pounds just 3 weeks ago. He is sleeping now, but has been very miserable this afternoon. I am expecting a long night, which I am feeling guilty enough to happily accept. Poor little Puddin!


Little Blessings said...

The first shots are the worst. And it is the same for every child. I grit my teeth and bear it every time but it does not get any easier. No matter how much I say, it is for their own good, it still sucks! I usually make Eric hold them. I am no good under pressure. The one time that I held Zane during the shots (18 months) he got so pissed off that he reached down and ripped the needle out of his own leg. That flustered me and the poor nurse. He was shrieking and had a huge scratch to boot. Maybe Will will do what my guys have done though after shots which is sleep. Who knows, you may get a long night of sleep out of this. Although it is possible that you will be too paranoid about him not waking up to enjoy it. :)

Simmons Family said...

How's he doing today? I hope you are both feeling better.