Thursday, April 17, 2008

What the heck is that mass made of anyway?

The surgeon's nurse called this morning to say that she spoke to the pathologist. He still has no idea what the mass is made of, but wants a few more days to look into more possibilities. I seem to have created something that stumps the medical community. Maybe it will make it into The New England Journal of Medicine! Will was 6 weeks old yesterday. He is recovering very well, off pain medicine all together. We have had a quiet couple of days. I went to the library with him yesterday to get some advice books on establishing good sleeping habits. The main problem seems to be that every night I make the choice of bringing him into bed with us which is easy at the time, but will cause us bigger problems in the long run. I need to get better about putting him back to bed after I feed him. He starts out in his crib every night, with the best on intentions, but then joins us from about 5am on. He is so cute in the mornings, smiling and being very alert. I am sure it's all in the name of self preservation.


Little Blessings said...

That is funny that you are talking about sleep and so am I. Anyway, we have always done the exact same thing with all of our kids. Putting them to bed at night in their own space and then letting them (accidentally) sleep with us from whenever they wake up in the middle of the night on. Eric hates it. However, I fall asleep while feeding and have a habit of not waking up for 3 hours until the baby is starting to root around again. Vicious cycle. The thing with sleeping through the night (at least in my experience) is they get to a certain weight. I don't necessarily think that is true with all babies but it certainly has held true with all of mine. Once they hit about 14-15 pounds all night sleeping begins. Andrew hit it at 7 weeks, Zane about 7 weeks and Lucy at 3 months. I think the thing to remember is that babies won't wake up and demand to be in bed with you just for sleeping with you's sake. (grammar was all over the place there) however they can refuse to fall asleep any place other than in your bed if you start that. It sounds like you are doing all the same stuff I am though. Hang in there, you'll make it. Self preservation is NOT a bad thing :)

Little Blessings said...

I posted even more on my blog too in response to your comment. Good Luck!