Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Well Spent

Today started off early, at 6 when William decided to begin his day. He and I let poor Daddy sleep in and ran off to see what we could find at yard sales in the neighborhood. I always find yard sales interesting in well to do areas. People with money charge a ridiculous amount of money for their used crap, just because it belonged to them. One lady today had a lot of well used kids stuff including an excersaucer. She was charging half or more of what she paid for everything, so she wanted 60 bucks for a USED excersaucer! Are you kidding me? She had one of those highchairs that fit on a chair for 15 and I talked her down to 10, so I felt that was a good deal. They are about 30-40 dollars new. When I have a garage sale I always figure I would be giving the stuff to goodwill normally so even if I make 10cents on something it's better than nothing. My sales are always HOT and I always clear out everything! This woman was also charging a dollar each for USED onesies! Ugh! After the sales we came home and I spent the day playing with the baby and going through stuff to clear out some space around here. I have 3 big bags and a box for the Salvation Army now so I feel pretty good having gotten rid of that much stuff. William actually put himself to sleep twice today, he didn't stay asleep more than 30 min each time, but it's definetly a move in the right direction. I made Taco Salad for dinner, which is one of Jason's favorites. Solon and Andrea are coming over with the kids tomorrow so that will be fun. I need to make sure everything is babyproofed for Gabriella now. I will also work on the baby book soon, I have been slacking on that. All in all a good saturday.

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Little Blessings said...

Hooray on Will putting himself to sleep! It is so nice when that is no longer the mommies responsibility. I count it as a blessing every time they do it themselves because it is one less thing I have to worry about in a day!