Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Day to Day

Yesterday was nice, Will and I went to Salvation Army in the morning for their 50% off day. I found some nice things for him to grow into and a pair of jeans for me for 2 bucks! I love bargains. I also got a baby bjorn in like new shape for 5 dollars which I can sell on Craigslist for at least 15. I may use it for a while since it is much nicer than the one I have. We went to Target after that to get my prescription filled, and pick up some baby prune juice since Will is getting some constipation from his formula. My friend and former co-worker Rachel came and spent the afternoon with us, which was lovely. She brought Will an adorable outfit, so he is becoming very spoiled by all these cute clothes. I made chicken parmesean for dinner and then we gave Will a bath. He smiled so much when I put him in the tub. It is adorable to see how much he loves it. He didn't sleep all that well, but what are you gonna do? Today I plan on taking him for a walk, but otherwise staying home and working on the ever mounting piles of laundry and dishes.


Little Blessings said...

We had chicken parmigiana for dinner too. Ooooooo that is kinda weird!

Kelly and Jason said...

That is soooo freaky! 3,000 miles and yet we are living paralel lives!