Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4 weeks old

Will is already 4 weeks old today! I videotaped a little, but I don't think these movies will ever win any awards. We spent the day at home, slept, ate, talked to Grandma on the phone. Daddy was assisting at bathtime tonight, which he hadn't done before. The best accomplishment today was actually getting to eat all my dinner, when it was.... HOT!!! Will calmly played under his baby gym until I was done. All in all a good day. This has been such an amazing, life changing 4 weeks. I love Will more and more every day and while I love that he is little and sweet, I can't wait for him to start doing things and see him grow.
Will enjoying one of his baby dreams.

Will in Aunt Molly's shirt from England, the pants still don't fit.

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