Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun with Cousins

Alessandra shaking a rattle for Will
Alessandra holding Will "Very Carefully"


Alessandra telling Will all about things...

Mayhem with 3 cousins under 3!

We had a nice day today, Solon and Family came over at noon. We went to the diner for lunch and we had great burgers. We then returned home and enjoyed an afternoon of playing with all kinds of toys. Will slept much of the time, but payed attention to the kids for a while. This afternoon we need to go out for a new DVD player as our old one crapped out last night while watching a movie. Thankfully they have dropped in price a lot!

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Simmons Family said...

How cute! They all seem to be having a great time! Sounds like you had a nice visit! I love all the pictures!