Saturday, July 25, 2009

Way Down in Kokomo...

3 Generations of Armstrong Men
There was a lot of reading this week!

First Harvest! Happy let William pick his first ripe cherry tomatoes of the season. Will even said "Tomato" very clearly!

Happy has this nice kitty that has adopted him, and Will is thrilled by her. He chases her all over and she is very kind about it.

Here you see Jason and Will, Jeanie, Happy and Aunt Louise (Happy's sister)
Like many children before him, Will played with the coasters...

There is nothing quite like the feeling of the wide open spaces in Indiana farm country. Will spent about 2 hours in the farmyard at Aunt Louise's playing with rocks and running around with nothing to stop him! I wish I had about 5 acres fenced where I could just turn him loose every day!

Will made an appearance in his kilt, but it had to be removed quickly. He found some poison ivy and rolled around in it in his kilt!

Will was facinated by Happy's "Jolly Green Giant" aka: ride on mower

Will loved the playgrounds here. He scared us all to death by going up on the tallest slides and peeking over the sides! The playgrounds here have a lot of the fun stuff they had when I was a kid, but have been removed for safety reasons elsewhere. What's more fun than burning your bottom on a hot metal slide?

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Teresa Leigh said...

I think the world is too safe, people will find a way to hurt them selves on anything.
I love all those photos. Farm life! I hope it is a nice change of pace for you guys for now.