Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting There is Half the Fun...

Will knows something is going on when he is tossed into the car in his jammies!
The trunk is loaded, we have everything we could ever need.

Let's hit the road!

Will loves scribbling on his magna doodle, and I love the neat-factor!
The Portable DVD Player.
Quite Possibly Man's Greatest Invention.
Somehow we managed to turn a 10 hour drive into a 14 hour drive. This is mainly due to a weak bladder and occasional bouts of straining against the car seat straps and shrieking. We only really stopped 4 times, but 2 of those were meals and one was a historical farm site which took 2 hours. William did great all in all though. The DVD player was a HUGE help, and I will never make another long drive without it. It has also been helpful here at the hotel where he can watch a DVD since there is nothing for him on TV. The hotel is nice, but life is very different with one room. Will had a really hard time the first night and ended up sleeping IN OUR BED! A huge no-no in our house, but I felt so bad for him and he seemed to not understand what was going on. However it is amazing to see how one 28 pound kid who is less than 3 feet tall can make a king sized bed seem like a twin. Within a few hours Jason and I were almost off the bed, and William insisted on keeping his head against Jason's back all night. Needless to say, we did NOT repeat this last night. We stuck to the routine as closely as possible and it worked. He slept till 7:20 this morning in his pack n play. More later.

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