Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank God I'm a Country Boy!

1880's Period Chicken
William observing said chickens.

Peep,Peep! Baby Chicks!

I am not sure if I was supposed to get one out to let him pet it, but I did. It wasn't locked.

How are Ewe? Ha,Ha!

William is making the sheep sound in this one, over and over!

Mama Cow and her Calf. William stayed there a long time watching them.

In this one and the next we thought Will was trying to turn the wheel. He was really smearing his hands with axle grease. Which Pampers wipes takes off, Go Pampers!

They had these neat platforms built up next to the stalls in the barn so the youngest visitors didn't have to miss out, so nice!

We stopped at Slate Run Historical Farm outside of Columbus. (Which is next to Licking County, Seriously) It was an barn, and house built in 1880 that the family had donated to the county in the 1900's to preserve it. It is exactly as it was! Even down to the 2 seater outhouse! They had women cooking food from the farm in the kitchen on a wood stove, and it smelled great! However, seeing those women in long dresses with petticoats over a hot stove made me all the more grateful for a phone and delivery pizza. William had a ball, he got to pet all sorts of animals, dig around in dirt, corn, and straw, and we even got to see a chicken sitting on her eggs! He spent about 10 minutes standing in front of the sheep saying "Baaa!Baaa!" over and over. The sheep looked SO hot, and yet they were all snuggled in one shady corner of the field, and you kinda wanted to make them understand that if they would spread out they might cool off! The horses were very cool, they had 4 big draft horses that were very nice and friendly. Jason and I greatly enjoyed observing a bizarre group of homschoolers that were there. There was this tall, lanky boy dressed in full medieval costume, and I really wanted to tell him he was a few centuries off. His sister was wearing a toga made out of an old flowered bed sheet, so I am not sure what look she was going for. There were also various other kids in the mix, who asked really obscure questions, and laughed at the oddest things. I know they don't represent all homeschoolers, but it was fun to see the weird period costumes that didn't match the period. After all this fun we got back on the road and finally got to Kokomo at about 9:30pm.

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