Thursday, July 23, 2009

Child Proof

Yesterday we spent the day visiting one house after another of elderly people with adult children. Taking a toddler on these types of social calls doesn't go well. Everyone thinks it's a great idea. "Oh, your great-grandson is in town? I would just love to see him" But then the toddler enters the house and it all begins to fall apart. "Oh dear, don't touch that Ming Vase that my late husband brought over from China as a gift from Chairman Mao.", "Oh, no-no, don't touch that fragile piece of art glass, the slightest movement and it will shatter!" and it goes on and on. He pulls down doilies, he yanks at fake flower arrangements, he tries to eat artificial fruit, he rips pages in magazines, he climbs coffee tables and takes cushions off the couches. It is very nerve wracking to be a parent at these times. I think parents forget all too quickly what it is like to have a toddler. Maybe mine is unusually active and curious, but when I beg you to let us visit in the yard, please comply.


Little Blessings said...

Totally and completely understand!

Teresa Leigh said...

I get it, My dad's house is so not baby proof. And he doesn't even seem to care! UGH!
Well, if something does break then maybe they will understand the request a little better.
Maybe a mutual meeting place like a park would be fun!