Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Nothing says Independence Day like riding your bike in your pajamas!
We went to Solon and Andreas for dinner and played in the pool.

Will spent most of it climbing in and out.

And climbing on the tables.

Thankfully it was fenced!
Gabriela was oh-so cute in her little swimsuit!
Alessandra was having a ball playing catch!

Much to our dismay, Will drank some pool water.
Today Will spent the day with Daddy. He stumbled around in Jason's shoes like a little clown!

I like this picture, he looks so sweet!
We got ice cream cones after dinner. Will took a long time to finish his cone stump, and had it sticking out of his mouth for a really long time.

Other than the funny stump, I liked the way you can see his eye color well here.
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I worked it, but we had a nice evening with Solon and family. Will and the girls are playing better together and he ate at the little kids table for the first time. Once he finished his food he went around and cleaned off all the food the girls had left on their plates. I think he may have ended up eating 3 hotdogs!


Little Blessings said...

Lucy has been known to clean off several plates for dinner. At least they are still growing! Looks like you had some fun. That little pool is wonderful! And he must be completely over his water fear.

Kelly and Jason said...

He is no longer afraid of the water, that's for sure! In fact now he is too comfortable with it! I make him use a life vest in the big pool at our apartment.