Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby's First Graffiti

He looks innocent enough, doesn't he?
He has proven however that he has a
future as a no-goodnick street thug.
See the example below...
William chose my tablecloth as his first surface to deface. A rebel without a cause.


Julie said...

Art! It is Art! Not graffiti! He just wanted more trailing vines than the original artist intended. I also love the bathtub art. Who drew the cat? or is it a bat? Do you have a pic of the permanent mural in the old pink house? It was lovely, from your "blue" phase if I remember right.

Kelly and Jason said...

Ha! No, I don't, in fact I am certain I never would have done such a thing. I drew the cat and he recognized it as such. We will call it art as long as it's not on anything valuable.