Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hit the Road Jack!

We are planning another road trip. I am hoping it goes better than last time. Jason's Mom is coming to visit her Dad in Indiana, so we are driving the approximately 10 hours to join in. William has still not met his namesake, so this trip is a big deal! I am planning on buying a portable DVD player so Will can watch Teletubbies for at least a couple of hours. Books and electronic toys will also fill the void. Any other ideas?


Little Blessings said...

Naps are are great thing! So is traveling in off hours. Like waking super early or at night. Late afternoon would work as well as long as you aren't going to disturb a ton of people when you get in.

Simmons Family said...

Snacks, music (if you can tolerate kids music in confined spaces! It always makes my kids quiet down for awhile.)

Have a nice visit! Happy is coming to visit us after you leave. We are all excited!

Julie said...

DVDs? What kind of a parent are you? The Grizwolds didn't have dvds. The Ingalls didn't have dvds. WE didn't have dvds. You might as well just duct tape a video screen to his forhead until he is 18. I know, if it keeps you from leaving him on the side of the road it will be worth a few rotten brain cells. Have fun in Indiana!