Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yes, It will be called "The Summer of Farms".

I have this weekend off so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to visit ANOTHER historical farm! This one was called "Kidwell Farm at Frying Pan Park" and it is in rural Virginia. It is based in the 1930's and was very nice. Best of all, it was FREE! Love that! It wasn't very big, which was nice for William, but they packed a lot of animal fun into one small area. It wasn't very crowded, but I don't think it would have been as nice if it had been. William enjoyed the pigs and chickens, but largely ignored the horses and cows this time. His favorite was the tractors! He is developing into a boy in the truest sense and is captivated by all things mechanical. He would have climbed on the tractors all day if we would have let him. We had a picnic lunch by the horse ring, they were having an English Riding competition today, so it was nice to have some built in entertainment. After that we stopped at a mall that we never had been to, and we will probably never will again! It was huge and really crowded, but it had every store you could ever wish for. I got Will some stuff at Old Navy and Pottery Barn Kids, but nothing for Jason and I. We mainly went to cool off and go to the playground which we had heard was wonderful. It was nice, but so crowded and some little hellion was in a tunnel attacking children as they went through it. Will came out crying and then a few seconds later a little girl came out with scratches on her face and was bleeding! Her older sister said there was a mean kid in there! Crazy! If I could have figured out who it was I would have told them what's what!


Julie said...

Maybe you could call it "The Summer of Where Food Comes From" or "What sound does Bacon make?"

Why would anyone ever go to a mall on a weekend!

Kelly and Jason said...

Because it is 90+ degrees and there is really no where else. The DC museums are even worse in the summer!