Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Boy Booster!

Will has graduated to the big boy chair and is now sitting at the table like an accepted member of society. He has been very insulted by his high chair for the last couple of months and if we tried to put the tray on he would cry and push it away. Thankfully the travel booster we already had works for our dining room chairs. Other than that, we went to Petsmart this morning to look at fishies, hamsters, birdies, and kitties. Will was so enamoured by the hamsters I had a few seconds of weakness and seriously considered buying him one. Thankfully I came to my senses quickly and reconsidered. We went to Michaels instead and bought fingerpaint to console ourselves. I think it is going to be an outside only activity though, or maybe in the tub. I can't see it going well in the house.
I am seriously considering enrolling William in a toddler class. The Little Gym is literally 3 blocks away and it would give us a chance to meet other people and get out to do something a few times a week. The price is high, but without 2 cars I can't really do much else. William is getting bored with the parks, especially the one closest to our house, and it's too hot to be outside for long right now anyway... I was thinking about trying to organize a storytime at the library...but I am not sure of how to get the word out. I wish I was back in Madison, or Washington right now, there was so much more for kids, and lots more Moms around! Let's just say I am counting down the months till we can hopefully leave here!


Teresa Leigh said...

have you looked into they have lots of groups.. maybe something that would fit in with your lifestyle choices

Kelly and Jason said...

Thanks! I will try that.