Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catch Up!

Sitting in his big boy seat, showing you his pancake!
Picking Flowers at the square...
At Solon and Andrea's Playground...
Painting in the tub again! He looks blue in more ways than one!
The past few days have flown by. I worked this weekend and we went over to Solon and Andrea's on Saturday night. We had a good time, but Will had quite a few injuries by the time the night was over. Jason has a conference this week, so Will and I won't see that much of him and he will be missed terribly! Will is on food jags these days. He is all about grapes these days, and is refusing pretty much all other fruit. I am refusing to specially prepare any meals though, I cook, and if he eats, he eats, if he doesn't, he doesn't! I am not falling into the trap! I am going to put up some movies of Will. Hope you enjoy them!

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