Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All Done? Already?


William has really changed when it comes to food. I used to put food down and it was gobbled up in minutes! Now it all seems to depend on what mood he's in. Some days he will eat an adult sized portion of food at lunch and then nothing for dinner, other days he will pick at his food all day. I am trying not to worry too much, after all he is still pooping and that has to come from somewhere, right? One thing I do think I should worry about are his snacks. He loves snack foods, gold fish, teddy grahams, etc. and he will refuse lunch and then eat a cup full of those an hour later! So bad! I may start re-offering his meal to him instead of letting him have snacks at all till we get this all worked out. I am still trying to decide how picky to let him be. I always thought if I serve something I expect that he will eat it or go hungry. Lately I have been thinking I could let him have an easy alternate though, such as a yogurt or something like that. If he doesn't like what I made I don't want him to totally go hungry...but lately he is refusing things that he used to LOVE! Who refuses Lasagna?


Simmons Family said...

Connor! He won't touch lasagna or spaghetti and picks at pizza unless I let him make his own with ketchup instead of sauce! Yuck!!!

Maybe instead of giving him goldfish and teddy grahams, you could offer fruit and cheese or cut up sandwich meat for snacks. Then you know he is eating more than just crackers and cookies. My kiddos eat fruit any chance they get!

Kelly and Jason said...

Will has never been a fruit fan, so weird! He LOVES cheese, so that is always a good choice. He will get on certain kicks where he will eat strawberries every day for a week and then refuse them for a month. I just keep offering... That is really strange that Connor doesn't like lasagna,spaghetti, and pizza. I can't imagine ketchup on pizza...