Thursday, August 6, 2009

This week...

Scary Shark!
Baby Gym

William is 17 months old as of yesterday. Time has FLOWN by. I can't believe that in just one month he will be a year and a half. He is becoming such a little person now, very opinionated, and passionate about how the world should work. We are having more tantrums, and more defiance, which I am working hard to nip in the bud. Jason and I struggle at times to decide how we want to approach a situation, so that makes it hard to deal with something immediately. He isn't hitting anymore, but he will put up his hand in the air and wave it at you and say "hit, hit, hit!" We are trying to ignore it, or just look at him sternly when he does it, when we gave it too much attention it became more frequent. I am taking Will home to Washington in September, so I need to start putting him to bed again occasionally, normally Jason does it so Will always finds it a little weird when it's Mommy doing it. Development wise he is right on track... he can say over 50 words, he can do a 6 piece shape sorter and name 4 shapes, he can scribble and paint ( and eat 2 crayons in one week!). He insists now on drinking from a cup with no lid, so I only put in a little bit at a time. He is getting better and better at his little kiddie car and is very good at dinging the bell! He still sleeps great, and loves to stay in his crib a while and show you all the animals he has in there. He is eating very strangely these days, sometimes gorging himself all day and then not touching his food the next. His favorite foods right now are: Naan(Indian Bread) with Raita (cucumber and yogurt sauce), Mac and Cheese, Pancakes, Peas, Greek Yogurt, Chili, Spaghetti, Edemame, Raisins, and Chicken Nuggets. He still loves to take baths, and will stay in as long as you let him. He is a good little man, but not a snuggler and that breaks my heart from time to time. I still give him 3 bottles a day so I can hold him, otherwise he is on the go all day non-stop! He will deal with me grabbing him a few times a day for a big snuggle but quickly wiggles away. I try and not let it bother me though. I am amazed how much he has changed in 17 months! I don't miss the baby stage that much though, I love seeing the person he is becoming!


Little Blessings said...

He is getting so grown up! I found with Zane that as he approached 3 the snuggling turned back on. I know it is a long way to go until then but they do come back for some snuggles eventually. In fact it always shocks me when he does want to snuggle. He will only last for about 3 minutes but they are a good 3 minutes for the both of us. As much as the defiance and temper and stubbornness kick in at his age, I do prefer it to the baby stuff. So much more fun to figure out what is going on in their little heads!

Julie said...

I love the Shark towel! It is Shark Week on Discovery after all. It was so much fun to hear him really talk yesterday. Love, Auntie Julie