Monday, September 29, 2008

Schedules are a good thing, most of the time...

What are all these wires?
They are tasty electrodes!
Contemplating the electrode on his hand.
1st yellow block, tastes good!
Enough with these blocks!
Fine, I'll take it!No more blocks, I want your mouse!

Last night was really rough and I think it was mostly in part due to the fact we were out so late last night and Will wasn't on his normal schedule. He was really crabby and slept very fitfully. I am glad he is normally a routine kid, but it's hard when he freaks out when you mix it up a bit! Today was the NIH research study, it was fun. Will did really well and the Principle Investigator said that he has very advanced motor skills, both fine and gross, and they were suprised he was so vocal. He stayed pretty patient and cooperative through it, but started to lose it at the end. Thankfully they switched him to a different task just in time! It was something new and he got 20 dollars for Toys R Us out of the deal, his first payday!

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