Friday, September 5, 2008

A Day of Doctors!

Today Will spent much of the day with Doctors. Maybe it will inspire him.... This morning was his 6 month exam, he was 22 pounds and 28.25 in long. He avoided the shots by having a low grade fever with his teething the last few days. Dr Rahman decided to give him a stay of execution. Tooth number 2 popped today so he is still pretty miserable. This evening my dear former boss Dr Sorber and his lovely wife Roz came to visit us on their way back to Wisconsin after dropping off their daughter Lilly at college. They both loved Will and I think they need to become Grandparents soon. We went out to a lovely dinner at a seafood place near our house. All in all a good day. Meanwhile we are preparing for the Hurricane that is supposed to hit us over the weekend. They sent out flyers today asking us to be prepared for the worst. Hopefully being this far inland will protect us from anything too serious!


Little Blessings said...

Will is a moose! A completely adorable moose but a moose none the less. Congrats about the tooth! I know it is wonderful once they finally break through. Lucy is working on her top ones and is pretty miserable. Have fun with the hurricane watch. They are horribly boring (unless a levee is going to break or something). We got stuck in Florida at Teresa's house 4 years ago and I thought they would be much cooler. I wanted the sky to turn purple and green. It didn't. Just a big ol' wind storm that causes lots of damage.

Kelly and Jason said...

It is windy, but mainly just raining a TON! I went in to work this morning looking like I had entered a wet- scrubs contest! The roads were a mess and I was hydroplaning a lot, which always scares me. But the women must be inseminated!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kelly and Jason, for a great visit!