Monday, September 22, 2008

It's happening tooooo fast!

Very Gerber Baby esque...

This morning I heard Will's normal AM musings going on in his crib and so I got up to go get him and there he was SITTING in his crib. I thought, well that must be a fluke, he can't get to a sit from lying down yet! So, I took him out, changed him, then went to get the morning stuff going, and Jason realized that Will was now sitting in the middle of the livingroom! So, one more milestone down, only about 1.2 million more to go! We now have lowered his crib mattress by the way because now if he pulls up he would have fallen out easily. Being short though I can no longer reach to the back of the crib without putting the side down and standing on tippy toes. We also put up our first baby gate this morning and he was quite befuddled by it. "Wait, that wasn't there before, and I can't get past it, you see the problem this creates Mom!" (Sorry it's blurry, he moves a lot)

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Little Blessings said...

Believe it or not the getting into a sitting position is one of my FAVORITE milestones. No longer is baby dependent on me if they fall over. They can do it themselves. Although really the only milestones I do not like are the ones that make them more mobile than they already were. (crawling, walking, running, climbing) Have fun with the sitting!