Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Target Screwed Me Over!

Today, after 2 long weeks of waiting I was supposed to get Will's 6 mo pictures back. This morning I dropped Jason off at work and made my way to Target. Alas, they were behind and now they won't be here till Monday! Arggh! This is only really annoying for 3 reasons,
1- They could have called me.
2- I specifically took the car today for it
3- I already waited 2 weeks!
To make up for it they let me order 4 more picture sheets for free, so that was a good deal. I also got new cookware today since I realized how much teflon we were consuming and figured though it may improve the non stick lining of our bowels it probably isn't good for us. I also got Will a little sweatshirt jacket at Target because fall is actually here to stay and the mornings are quite chilly.

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