Monday, September 1, 2008

William Simmons Takes on Washington....


Today we visited our nations capital once again. We enjoyed going to the National Aquarium which oddly enough is in the basement of the Commerce Building. It was small, they have a bigger one in Baltimore, but it did have a nice assortment of fish and sea life. They had a display of each of the protected sea sanctuaries and examples of the animals and plants that exist there. Will enjoyed looking at the fish, and liked the turtles a lot. After that we walked over to the Archives and saw some of the new exhibits of Americana. We walked over to the Smithsonian Castle and had lunch under some shady trees. We let Will play on a blanket on the grass and he got his first touch of nature, which you can see in the photo, he did not especially enjoy! After lunch we headed over to see the Jim Henson Muppet Exhibit that was touring through the Smithsonian. It was AMAZING! We were not allowed any pictures however, which was very sad. We saw the REAL Ernie and Bert Muppets, and Fraggles, and Rolf the Dog. There was a lot of fun Henson art work and films playing, and a lot of Sesame Street fun. Jason and I really enjoyed it and there were tons of kids all around us that were having a ball. They had a "Make your own Muppet" exhibit where you started with a blank face and there were parts to add on and a great puppet theater where you could be on TV. All in all a great Labor Day!

Not all together thrilled with nature!


Little Blessings said...

I am very jealous that you get to see all this cool stuff! I think that it must be so cool to have all this sophistication at your fingertips. Don't worry about the not liking nature bit. Pretty soon he will happily run through the grass and eat any dirt, worm or random dog poop he finds on the ground as soon as your back is turned. Don't think it won't happen. It will!

Kelly and Jason said...

I am sure that it will, it was quite cute though to see him freak out at a little bit of crud. I spent years with a kitchen spoon in the yard digging and covering myself in mud. It is very nice having lots to do here, but it's so crowded and the people are so unfriendly that it isn't a great place to live. Give me the ole pacific northwest anytime!