Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy Weekend

I worked this weekend so I was pretty much out of the loop. Jason and Will had a good time though. Solon came over yesterday with the girls and they had a great time. They went to the park and much to my surprise Jason let Will go down the slide with Alessandra! Eeek! If I had been there it wouldn't have happened, but Dads know what's fun. Will also moved up to the new carseat. He was at the weight limit for the infant seat, so now we have to carry him around. We went out for dinner Saturday night to California Pizza Kitchen. Will stayed out past his bedtime, and slept on the way home. When we got home he was wide awake and all excited and didn't go to sleep till after 11! We learned our lesson on that one. Today I am trying to get a new routine going, Will has been waking up at 5:30 am to eat so I need to get him to eat more during the day so we can skip that feeding. We have nothing big planned for this week, just working on crawling and sitting. Jason is working hard, but getting some good papers ready to publish. Solon was on TV 3 times this past week and was featured in US News and World Report so that was really cool! It's great to know a celebrity!


Simmons Family said...

Great pictures! Connor says "They should clean him up in that one. He's all messy" referring to the bottom picture where Will has been eating. They also liked the picture of "Big Will in his car seat". Laura wanted to know all about the girl in the red swing. Sounds like things are going well on your side of the country. Have a nice visit with Mike.peyjxi

Little Blessings said...

Super fun with the slide. Dad's do know how to have more fun. They seem to be a bit more on the daredevil side too. When I start getting panicky about the things Eric lets them do I just have remember that he loves those babies just as much as I do and he would never let them do anything that he knows would hurt them. I still don't like to watch though. He usually does the scary stuff on daddy trips and then I just get to hear about it later. They always have so much fun though and they never seem to be hurt. Plus Eric is much better in an emergency than I am so it is better for him to do the daring stuff with them.