Thursday, August 7, 2008

Constant Struggle

I really need to find the motivation to get up early and work out daily. I know how much better I feel when I do, I know how much better I sleep when I do. I need to do it for William. As soon as he starts walking I want to be able to keep up with him, and play with him. Right now I know that I do not have the stamina. Before I got pregnant I worked out almost every day, for an hour or more. Then I stopped because it caused contractions and I was scared of a miscarriage. I am doing better on eating, getting back to a PCOS friendly diet, but I know it won't make a bit of difference unless I work out consistantly. The only good time to do it is in the early morning. Will wakes up at about 6am to eat, so I should go to the gym right after that. Instead, every morning I fall back asleep until 8:30 when he wakes up for the day. Ugh! I realize that I am extremely unhealthy, I can't find clothes to fit, I hate the way I look, and feel. I want to do it, but I can't get motivated at 6 am..... Any advice?


Teresa Leigh said...

Hey Kelly! The only thing I have learned about working out is to do it when your body wants to. I am not a morning person and always struggle to find the "perfect" time to go, however my body loves to go around 10am but if I wait until later in the day, I find other excuses for not going (okay so I haven't been to the gym in nearly a year) BUT.... when I was consistent it was due to me making sure I go when my body will/is motivated to do it.
I suppose how to figure that out is by paying attention of your activity level through the day and the time that you really start getting active may be the time to start going.
Not sure how to incorporate that with the baby though. I assume this will become my challenge in the near future too!

Kelly and Jason said...

That is the tough part. I used to go right after work....However now that is no longer an option. Evenings are just bad now because Will has a very set evening schedule that involves breastfeeding. This requires that I am present of course. The afternoon worked so well. Today I did pop him in the stroller for a long walk since the weather was only in the 80's. So as long as the weather stays cooler that will be the new routine.