Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Mama's for Obama....and Biden?

For many years I have enjoyed Joe Biden for his gutsy political stance, constant humor( on Rudy Giuliani - "He has 3 parts to every sentence, a verb, a noun and 9/11") and the sheer gumption it takes to keep speaking his mind on controversial issues. He is a 6 term senator and certainly has the experience to be VP. BUT, all these attributes could end up being liabilities as well. He is very outspoken and the McCain party will drag out every poorly worded sentence they can to hurt this campaign. As much as I love him, I am afraid this may have been the wrong move for Obama. Joe Biden has run for President himself a few times now and never made it past the primaries....that is a troubling fact for me. But now, it is time for me to pull out my gumption, get some buttons and stickers and get going on this campaign! I may get Will a t-shirt soon, he would look so cute!
A P.S. to all you single issue voters out there (You know who you are) : Please remember to look at the whole picture, we must take care of the children we have here on earth. Voting for a candidate based on one issue only is a disservice to the children who are suffering today. There are 42% of single mothers living under the poverty line with their children as I type! 8.1 million children don't have health insurance in America! This is unacceptable. And John McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns?

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